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2022 Pre-MBA Scholarship

Presented by Latinx MBA Association in collaboration with The Riordan Programs at UCLA Anderson, Riordan Programs Alumni Association (RPAA) and Ivy Fellows.


Thinking of applying to business school? The Latinx MBA Association is proud to announce the inaugural Pre-MBA Scholarship, which offers 10 Latinx individuals a 100% sponsored, one-on-one MBA prep coaching from Ivy Fellows. Over the last 10+ years, Ivy Fellows has achieved 91% success rate for applicants who target 3 or more schools. 


This year, we are thrilled to offer the opportunity to members of The Riordan Programs at UCLA Anderson and Riordan Program Alumni Association. We are looking for folks who have contributed to the advancement of the Latinx community, have demonstrated an outstanding professional track record, and are ready to apply to MBA programs this Fall 2022. To apply for the scholarship, you must apply to the “Ivy Fellows MBA Prep 2022” application and opt into the Pre-MBA Scholarship. The application deadline is October 15, 2022. Don’t wait!

Scholarship Qualifications:

  • Must identify as Latinx

  • Strong preference for applicants who identify as a first generation college graduate, low income background and/or DACA recipient 

  • Commitment to the Latinx community through servant leadership

  • Fulfill Ivy Fellows eligibility criteria: 3.2+ undergrad GPA, 620+ GMAT, 2+ years of FT work experience (waived for those seeking deferred admissions programs). For more details click here:

Scholarship Deadline: October 15, 2022

The Impact Committee will review applications and select 10 scholarship recipients.

If you have any questions, please email

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