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Ashley Carrick

Why I am dedicated to the Latinx MBA Association

I grew up in the city of Chicago raised by my single Colombian mother and I have no relationship with my white father or his family. I am the only person in my Colombian family to be born in the United States. Being first in my family to attend college, obtain a masters and work in corporate America, I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles but recognize I have been incredibly privileged to have had these opportunities available to me through programs such as INROADS, SEO, UC Berkeley’s Latino Business Student Association and MLT.


The one organization that has had the most impact on my career trajectory was UC Berkeley’s Latino Business Student Association (LBSA) for undergraduate students. After attending my MBA program, I realized the Latinx b-school equivalents had very little representation or were non-existent. It was disheartening to see the lack of representation of first-generation Latinx in MBA programs. 


I have seen how UC Berkeley’s LBSA org has continued to support my growth post-graduation, both professionally and personally.  I’d like to scale LBSA’s impact through the creation of the Latinx MBA Association. I believe by connecting all Latinx MBAs in this country we can start a movement where we can advocate and advance Latinx in business and have a strong positive economic impact on the fastest-growing demographic in the US.

Professional Biography

Ashley is passionate about leveraging technology to drive equality and equities in society. Ashley has had a variety of experiences in finance, diversity & inclusion, strategy, business development and product while working at Goldman Sachs, Google, Kapor Capital and healthcare startups. Ashley currently leads product partnerships for Google’s Research and Machine Intelligence organization, enabling her to focus on ensuring Google’s advanced artificial intelligence technology is equitable for all individuals. 


Ashley received her B.S. from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Management. While at Berkeley she was an active leader in LBSA, established a financial literacy program in Oakland public schools and launched a scholarship for undocumented students.  She received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. While at Kellogg, she was elected to be the first VP of Diversity & Inclusion for the Kellogg student government,  launched Kellogg’s first meditation club and was the VP of Prospective Students for the Hispanic Management Association. 

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