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Nancy Torres


Why I am dedicated to the Latinx MBA Association

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, I have too often been the only Latina, woman, or person of color in the room. Absent having mentors and role models who represented me and my community, I often encountered self-doubt and felt the need to cover up parts of my own cultural identity while developing my career. Now, I aspire to use my access and privilege to create more inclusive business environments where diverse leaders and communities can thrive. As one of the fastest-growing and most entrepreneurial segments in the U.S., the Latinx population is critical for the country's economic growth. The Latinx MBA Association is dedicated to developing and supporting the Latinx business leaders to start, build, and lead the companies and organizations behind this growth.

Professional Bio

Nancy Torres is a Partner at Ulu Ventures, a top seed stage venture firm in Silicon Valley funding diverse teams creating industry-leading market opportunities. Ulu generates great financial results using decision analysis to create a disciplined, repeatable decision-making process that analyzes risk-reward trade-offs and also reduces cognitive bias. Ulu’s investments include Guild Education, BetterUp, Figure, Provenance, SoFi, Proterra, and Palantir.

Prior to joining Ulu Ventures, Nancy worked in Technology Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, advising the world’s leading tech companies on strategic financial transactions. She obtained her MBA from Harvard Business School and MPP from Harvard Kennedy School, working with diversity-focused VC Harlem Capital, and New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization, The Robin Hood Foundation. Prior to Harvard, Nancy spent five years in tech in data analytics, business development, and venture design roles at Google, Uber and IDEO.

Nancy is a Co-Founder and Board Director for the Latinx MBA Association and a Toigo and Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) alumna. She earned her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Nancy is a proud first-generation Latina of Colombian descent, hailing from Prince George’s County, Maryland outside of Washington, D.C.

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